Why We Chose Aluminum

The Everlasting Material

When renowned Danish physicist, H.C. Ørsted first refined what would later be the metal known as aluminum, he brushed it off as no big deal. A distraction in his efforts to remain at the top of Mt. Science.

But just like a broken clock is right twice a day, the most brilliant minds of history can be wrong once or twice. Ørsted’s discovery of aluminum would turn out to transform endless manufacturing processes – including ours.

All In on aluminum

When we sat out to design a range of minimalistic interior design, we wanted to do it using the most sustainable material we knew of. After tedious hours of research, there was only one true answer: Aluminum.

Because aluminum might just be the most sustainable material there is. It’s one of the few building blocks of nature, that can be 100% repurposed. Incredibly, that means that 60% of all aluminum mined throughout history is still in use today. Not many materials have those bragging rights.

To recycle something made from aluminum, though, it has to be… all aluminum. You can’t just melt down your alu-zippered leather jacket, and mold it into a bookshelf. Unfortunately.

And that’s why all Aloop products are made from one material and one material only. 

We’ve removed all the unnecessary rubber, carved off the hidden plastic, and refined our products to be all aluminum. Hence the name Aloop. 

The loop of aloop

Everything we make is made to last for as long as aluminum is a thing we use on earth. It instantly becomes part of a never-ending loop of recycling and reusing, and we feel proud that the same bedside table we craft today, can live on in worlds we won’t be around to witness.

To sum it up, aluminum is the key to designing things that’ll outlast design itself.